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Bathroom Soap Holder Leaf Shape Dish Soap Kitchen Sponge Soap Box Storage Non-Slip Drain Soap Case Container Bathroom Accessory.

Soap Bar Holder for Decorative Kitchen Bathroom. Self Draining Tray. Shelf with Anti-Slip Suction Cup. The best Leaf Shape Bathroom Soap Dish for your home.

Origin: Mainland China
Material: Plastic
Product Name: Leaf Soap Dish
Product Size: 12*13.5cm
Feature 1: Storage box
Feature 2: Leaf Shape Soap Box
Feature 3: Box Bathroom soap holder
Feature 4: bathroom organizer
Feature 5: storage box
soap dish soap tray holder: household storage soap box
soap holder: Toilet shower tray
with: suction cup

Best Leaf Shaped Bathroom Soap Holder:

Strong construction: The innovative leaf-shaped soap box is made of premium ABS, which is stylish, long-lasting, and durable. The soap box's edge is smooth and won't cut into your hands. 

Small and delicate, the soap dish in the form of a leaf is portable. For both business and leisure travelers, choosing this is quite sage.

Self-draining design: The waterfall self-draining structure used by the leaf-shaped soap rack tray enables quick water drainage, minimizes waste, and prevents soap from sticking. 

It enables water from the diverter to flow directly into the tank. It keeps the soap dry and maintains the sink spotless and simple to clean.

Simple installation: The soap tray may be firmly secured with a suction cup and is simple to install without punching. To keep the soap dish stable, there is a detachable silicone suction cup at the bottom. 

To ensure that the suction cup is sticky and able to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, please clean it before use and leave a small water drop at the bottom.

Creative triangle card design acts as an effective anti-slip design that stops the soap dispenser from collapsing and the soap tray from slipping. 

No of its size, soap can be securely stored for quick use in a soap box. 

The leaf-shaped soap dish lacks corners and contains cleaning-challenging fissures. You can clean it by rinsing it with water or wiping it down with

Wide application: The soap box can be positioned in the sink, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, and other locations. A soap box can be used to store soap, sponges, brushes, and other tiny objects. 

This soap dish is full of fresh creativity and usefulness, making it an excellent housewarming gift for friends and family moving into new homes.

Leaf Shaped Bathroom Soap Holder Non-Slip Bathroom Accessory

SKU: 1005001727872710
PriceFrom $9.00
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