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Best Candle Jar Warmer


Candle Plate Keeps Coffee, Tea, and Soups Warm in Your Home, Office, Desktop, and More, 1 Pack, White. Safely Releases Scents Without a Flame.


SAFELY RELEASE CANDLE SCENT: Without ever having to look at or worry about a flame, this sizable electric jar warmer enables you to safely take pleasure in the lovely scents of your preferred candles.


The warmer warms up, releasing the smell and gently melting the wax. The warmer's diameter of 4.25 inches makes it ideal for standard 4-inch candles.


Large Candle Jar Warmer


This dependable desk and kitchen top warmer will guarantee that your preferred coffee, tea, and soups are kept at the ideal temperature for home and office use.

You may put the warmer on nearly any flat surface that has a felt bottom. Use it everywhere, including your house, workplace, store, den, and kitchen. The warmer includes felt-lined feet to prevent slipping on icy surfaces.


Candle Jar Warmer

$17.00 Regular Price
$13.60Sale Price
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