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Best Candle Wax Burner and Oil Warmer


Candle Wax Burner and Oil Warmer Description:


This 2-in-1 candle warmer; Functional and lovely with its moving artwork and considerate sentiment.

Top plate has two uses, allowing for the warming of wax tarts, cubes, soy beads, potpourri, and sented essential oils; Remove top plate and place metal warming plate directly on 12 ounce jar candle to warm it.

Your preferred odors and scents should fill your home; Increase the lifespan of your candles without burning the wick, and do it without creating a mess or soot.

Made of thick, top-notch stoneware pottery; roughly 5 x 5 x 3.75 inches in size; simple-to-turn on/off switch with a red warning light; 3 foot wire with a 110V electrical socket adds significance as a housewarming present and charm to your home's interior design; packaged snugly and protectively in a box.


Candle Wax Burner and Oil Warmer

$49.00 Regular Price
$39.20Sale Price
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