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Dimmable Candle Warmer Lamp


Black Electric Metal Top-Down Light Heat Melting Wax Fits Large Jar, Scented Candle Holder for Valentine's Day Gift, Candle Melter with Adjustable Height & Heat 

Adjustable and Dimmable Height The dimmer accommodates various scent concentrations and wax longevity in addition to allowing brightness adjustments to control heat release and melting speed. The pole can be raised and lowered.


 Pure & Strong aroma: A candle's fragrance is created by melting wax that is heated by this top-down candle warmer lamp; there is no "burning" smell or soot, only a strong aroma that is safe for people to inhale.


This candle warmer lamp fully utilized the candles, extending their scent's longevity by two times that of burning candles.


 Safe & Stable: The risk of a fire is substantially reduced by the absence of flames or smoke. The candle warmer won't tumble over and the telescopic support rod won't slip since the base and support are made of sturdy metal, the center of gravity is on the base, and secure standing is offered.


Fits All Size Candles: This candle warmer lamp fits all sizes of candles, thanks to its sturdy and adjustable height. It can be used for exquisite home decoration and fragrant air in the bedroom, bathroom, and living area. It's a nice idea to give it to friends, lovers, parents, and especially on housewarming occasions.


One wax melting lamp and two bulbs are included in the package, with satisfaction guaranteed.


Dimmable Candle Warmer Lamp

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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