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Swirl Pillar Luxury Candles | Handmade Pillar Candle


Introducing our Swirl Pillar Luxury Candles candles, which come in sets or individually. Our best handmade pilar candles:

Candle Specifics:


Made with natural soy wax, with a cotton wick included, and without scent.


In Stock Sizes:


Small: 3.1 inches in diameter, 4.3 inches in height, and 9 oz.

Medium: 5.5 inches in height, 5.1 inches in diameter, and 24 oz.

Large: 4.3 inches in diameter, 7.4 inches in height, and 38 oz.


These swirls candles are the perfect accent to your decor because they were carefully created just for aesthetic purposes. Please carefully follow the directions provided if you decide to burn them. 


Remember that ornamental candles can burn unevenly due to their unique shapes. To ensure cleanliness and safety, use a large, robust heat-resistant holder or tray at all times. A burning candle should never be left alone.


Because you may buy them separately or as a set, you can customize the atmosphere in your house to suit your tastes.


Carefully chosen ingredients are used to create each meticulously produced and poured candle, ensuring your maximum enjoyment. 


Kindly make sure you read the instruction card and follow it. Expect some tiny natural defects and slight variances in color since each of our candles is produced entirely by hand, which adds to their unique appeal.


Safety advice:


1) Make sure to cut the wick before every burn.

2) Cool for at least two hours before relighting, and avoid burning for more than four hours at a time.

3) Make sure you always use a candle holder made especially for using candles. The holder needs to be substantial, able to hold drips or melted wax, and heat resistant.

4) Set blazing candles three inches apart or more apart. This is to ensure that they don't melt one another or form their own drafts, which could lead to an uneven burn of the candle.

5) Remain there. A burning candle should never be left alone.

6) Keep the neighborhood safe. A candle should never be lit next to or on anything that could catch fire. Keep flaming candles away from combustible decorations, books, paper, rugs, draperies, and furniture. Keep your loose garments and hair away from open flames.

7) Keep children and animals away. Make sure that pets and children cannot get near a burning candle. Don't set lit candles in areas where kids, dogs, or other people could trip over them.

8) Steer clear of vents, air currents, and drafts. This will lessen the likelihood of sooting, excessive dripping, and quick or uneven burning.

9) Avoid touching or moving. When the candle is burning or the wax is liquefying, never touch or move it.

10) To put out a candle, use a candle snuffer. It's the safest method for avoiding hot wax splatters.

11) Before you leave the room, make sure the candle is fully extinguished and the wick ember is no longer glowing. When the candle is not in use, we advise safely shutting the jar if your candle jar has a lid.


Take care to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the substances in the candle. To lessen the intensity of smells in enclosed rooms, burn candles in well-ventilated settings.


Please use our goods in the context and for the purpose for which they were designed. Observe safety precautions when handling candles or any other object.


Abuse Disclaimer: Any abuse or disobedience of safety guidelines is not our responsibility. We promote the safe and responsible usage of our products.

Swirl Pillar Luxury Candles | Handmade Pilar Candle

  • Available Forms for Our Scented Candles


    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
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